2024-04-25T14:34:56-04:00March 8th, 2024|

This coming Tuesday, March 12, at our Board of Commissioners meeting, we will be looking at a motion to appoint an interim county administrator. Time was taken over this past week to hear from staff and board members on their perspectives and much has been taken into consideration.

After conversation with Jon Anderson this week, calling and speaking with references, and looking at his qualifications, I personally plan on supporting Jon to fill in this role.

Jon Anderson has extensive leadership and administration background in a county 8x the size of Ottawa, which includes 10 years of administrative leadership, and for a time, oversight of a portion of the county which included a city at least the size of Grand Rapids.

I appreciate the serious, experience-tested care for people and community which Jon Anderson would bring to the interim position.

I also greatly appreciate our County staff and want to see them continue to succeed in their roles. Their input has been incredibly helpful. They are truly dedicated to their craft and serving the people.

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