Right to Life of Michigan PAC

Right to Life

Allison Miedema received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 11.

No other candidate running for District 11 is endorsed by Right to Life.

Ottawa County Republican Party

Ottawa County Republican Party

Allison Miedema received the sole endorsement for County Commissioner, District 11.

No other Republican candidate running for District 11 is endorsed by the Republican Party.

Luke Meerman

State Representative

“When Allison ran for county commissioner in 2022, I was happy to endorse her. Now two years later, having seen the work she’s doing for us in the county, I’m happy to give her my support again! Allison works tirelessly to represent us. Thank you, Allison!”

Paul Windemuller

Owner and CEO at Dream Winds Dairy, Polkton Charter Township

“I wholeheartedly endorse Allison Miedema for the County Commissioner seat in District 11, based on her strong commitment to her principles and her practical approach to problem-solving. Allison’s ability to listen to all sides of an issue and gather comprehensive information before making decisions is a testament to her thoughtful and effective leadership style. Her straightforward communication, accessibility, and willingness to educate and inform others demonstrates her genuine concern for the well-being of our community. I am confident that Allison’s priorities align with the best interests of the people she aims to serve, making her an excellent choice for representing our district.”

Jared Schuitema

Business Owner/Realtor, Allendale, MI

“Commissioner Miedema has a proven track record of excellence in governance and continues to be an advocate for her constituents. She is always interacting with people and information to better understand situations and how to effectively manage issues. Her integrity and honesty based in God’s truth make her an excellent candidate for commissioner.”

Michelle Wittingen

Zeeland, MI

“Our family had the pleasure of getting to know Allison Miedema while she was the teacher for all three of our children over the last six years. Our oldest was taught by her in traditional preschool and our middle and youngest children were taught by her in the Nature Based Preschool program that she started and led at our local school. As parents, we want the very best for our kids. Allison proved time and again that she is an amazing teacher who loves God and also genuinely cares for children, their parents and families. Her strong faith in God is evident in all that she does and our community is important to her. She was able to connect the preschoolers with residents of a local nursing home. These relationships became so special to the kids, but mostly to the nursing home residents. Allison was a wonderful teacher, but she is also someone who is ready to learn and has great concern for all ages of this community. She wants to help those who aren’t being heard. As an Ottawa County Commissioner, I know that she will do her very best to listen to your questions and concerns and do whatever she can to help. If you have any doubts, spend an hour with her and you will feel the same way. For our family, she started out as the teacher of our children and has become a friend that I look up to and whose faith and work ethic is inspiring.”

Nick & Kristen Langerak

Tallmadge Charter Township, Michigan

“We’ve known Allison for seven years since she began teaching our kids. Allison cares deeply for students and families and quickly became a very special person to us and our children. During her first term serving, Allison has gone above and beyond at staying the course amidst the unfortunate continuous backlash from a very vocal minority. As always, she stayed strong in her faith and her calling to better the community. She continues to fight for our freedoms and always educates us and keeps us up to date on important policies and other county matters. We are proud to be voting for Allison again as our Ottawa County Commissioner.”

Candy Kraker

Allendale Charter Township Trustee

“Allison Miedema is a woman who truly seeks God’s leading. She is a woman of integrity, a defender, who values our God given freedoms, and is working hard to protect our families! We have been truly blessed to have her on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners these past 2 years! She has my 100% support!”


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