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Written by a county commissioner with permission to share with others.

In response to questions that have come in due to media publicity regarding the April 23 Ottawa County Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting, a county commissioner has shared the following information:

A few thoughts and information to share regarding the BOC meeting on April 23, 2024.

Before the April 23 Board of Commissioners meeting, hundreds of people gathered both inside the Ottawa County Fillmore building as well as outside. The gathering was peaceful and was filled with many believers. Praying took place together in small groups and singing also broke out at times. We’ve been told of churches having their own prayer events with dozens up to hundreds of people in attendance praying over the BOC meeting.

At the start of the meeting, the only disruption that took place was when the Chair called Minister Cypher up to give his invocation. Commissioner Bonnema continually interjected that he wanted to know the guy’s real name. Chair Joe Moss asked Commissioner Bonnema to please stop and allow the invocation to proceed. After having to gavel down on Commissioner Bonnema, Mr. Cypher led the invocation. During the actual invocation, no one interrupted him.

Public comments throughout the next several hours focused on Scripture and sharing truths about Jesus, the Son of God, as well as the importance of believers getting involved in the public square, exposing lies, and sharing the truth.

One of the most incredible moments that happened throughout public comment took place in a storm that came through during the meeting. Rolls of thunder could be heard inside the county building, including the boardroom. God seemed to be displaying His great power through creation. It was a great reminder of how the whole world shakes in His holy thunder, yet those who belong to Him can never be shaken because we house the Holy Spirit who lives inside each of us.

There were some terrific comments. Here are just a couple of them:
John DeBlaay spoke the words of the Ottawa County Republican Party resolution for 2024 being the Year of the Bible, which can be found here:
The OCRP Declares 2024 The Year of the Bible – Ottawa County Republican Party

Kirk from Fennville in Allegan County shared the following:

Christi from Zeeland Township shared the following:

Many other wonderful public comments and conversations of the BOC took place. The entire meeting can be listened to here:
April 23, 2024 Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Meeting – YouTube

Later in the evening, three powerful resolutions were passed.
The first resolution promotes and protects life here in Ottawa County.
The second resolution brought awareness about autism.
The third resolution brought awareness about a ballot initiative by citizens for local choice.

All three resolutions can be found here in the Board packet:

Chair Joe Moss ended with a couple of statements.

Be encouraged! God is at work and He has gone ahead of each of us, preparing good work for each of us to do.