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Allison Miedema, Ottawa County Commissioner seeking reelection in District 11Chester Township, Crockery Township, City of Coopersville, Polkton Charter Township, Tallmadge Charter Township and Wright Township

I recently received a questionnaire from another interested group in Ottawa County. I am uncertain as to how they intend to share the information with constituents, and I wanted to share the questions along with my answers here.

1. Do you plan to sign the Ottawa Impact “Contract with Ottawa”? Why or why not?

Yes. The Contract with Ottawa is my ongoing promise to the people of Ottawa County, not a contract with an individual or Ottawa Impact. In signing the contract, voters understand my priorities and how I will aim to govern locally. Too often, government bureaucracy or special interests sway individuals post election.

The entire contract can be read here: https://ottawaimpact.com/contract-with-ottawa

I will
• promote and protect liberty and freedom
• govern with the least force and least authority required
• promote due process
• defend the moral responsibility of parents
• honor all people equally
• use common sense, courage, and the Constitution
• conduct myself with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

I will support
• being a Constitutional County
• Law and Order
• Health Freedom
• Pro Child Innocence
• Protecting Life
• Parental Rights and Educational Excellence
• Honoring our Heroes of Freedom
• Prioritizing Excellence and Merit over Identity Characteristics
• Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency
• Farmland Preservation
• Pro Election Integrity
• Free Market Capitalism
• Meaningful work in Community Mental Health and the Department of Public Health
• Explore Solutions for Energy, Groundwater, Housing and Home Ownership.

2. What are the most important issues facing Ottawa County?

Many issues that are important to constituents and myself are listed above in the contract with Ottawa. In speaking to many individuals across the county and within District 11, one of the other main concerns is the moral decay of our country. Many recognize the need for action here at the local level. As an elected official, I will continue seeking wisdom and discernment from God’s Word and surrounding myself with wise individuals who will commit to pray for me while serving the people. I will use common sense and the Constitution when making decisions in my elected role. I will lead courageously, reject passivity, restore and protect local authority, and respect the values and faith of the people of Ottawa County. I will conduct myself with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

I will encourage individuals and communities to promote what’s good and honorable for children rather than normalizing the hyper sexualization of our youth. Protecting the health and wellbeing of our children is a priority for the future of our county.

3. What do you view as the role of county government? .

County government has a limited but important role in the lives of its people. The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is elected to serve the people of Ottawa County by promoting and preserving freedom and constitutional rights for all who live here. The Board’s priority is to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Michigan, which protect the natural, God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In county government, the Board of Commissioners are responsible for establishing policies for things like budgets, services, capital improvements and other matters. Commissioners participate in county, regional, and state committees. The board engages in an annual strategic planning process, anticipating changes and needs for the future. The board provides oversight and accountability for county departments, including budgets, outcomes, policy, and grants to make sure they align the county vision and will of The People. Commissioners coordinate with the County Administrator and county employees to make sure county-funded services are effective and efficient. Commissioners serve and communicate with county residents, including helping them find information or services they need. Commissioners also build relationships with local community members and attend city, township, and local functions to serve residents.

4. Should faith play a role in county government?

While God desires that everyone would choose to love and obey Him, He lovingly provides freewill. A government is wise in following the freewill faith of individuals (or no faith) as demonstrated both in Scripture and the Constitution. Following Christian principles benefits the people as a whole, but faith itself must always be a choice.

Each person will bring with him/her a secular or Biblical worldview that will shape decisions they make at the county level. As quoted by Ronald Reagan, “The Bible has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people.” Andrew Jackson stated – God and His Word are the Rock on which our Republic rests. Inside its pages lie all the answers to problems men have ever known (Reagan). When we set our eyes on the Rock, we will survive the storms that come our way. One can study history and examine what happens to a society when they choose to look to God for wisdom, truth, discernment and morality. A nation is blessed when it humbles itself, places its hope in Him and Him alone. Our nation currently stands at a precipice on what it will choose.

5. How do you plan on communicating and be transparent with your constituents?

I meet with constituents in person, respond to emails and phone calls, and attend many county, township and city council meetings. All of the county meetings are open to the public, recorded, and can be found at miottawa.org. My county email is amiedema@miottawa.org. I also have a website where I have written a blog over the past 17 months – allisonmiedema.com. Additionally, I post frequently on Facebook at Allison Miedema for Ottawa County Commissioner. Truth in journalism is desperately needed in America. Due to much false information spread by mainstream media in Ottawa County all the way up to national news, everyday citizens formed Simply American media and can be followed at simplyamerican.com. Additionally, constituents can read answers to the most frequently asked questions at https://ask.ottawaimpact.com/ and can also submit questions or comments they might have.

6. Why are you running for county commissioner?

I originally became involved in grassroots politics when I noticed the rights of parents and children, as well as those of everyday American citizens, were being neglected, abused, and overstepped by the government in response to Covid-19. Due to the government overreach in schools, which violated my own personal conscience and religious convictions, I resigned my much loved position as a teacher of 21 years in August 2021.

Since taking office as a county commissioner, I have stood firm on the promises I made during my campaign in 2022. I will continue to work hard to protect the conservative values of our county. I will continue to protect the innocence of children and defend life and I will hold strong by protecting our constitutional freedoms at the local level.

I love Ottawa County and its people. I look forward to continuing the work that has begun by prioritizing freedom, truth and individual rights.